AJ Week 5 ~ Make an evidence journal for A day of Outing

Evidence gathered for a day outing. I tend to pick up brochures, leaflet or any ephemera for art journaling.
This month GPP, Michelle Ward challenge us to chronicle where you've been and what you've done. Make a record the physical evidence in addition to your thoughts and observances.

Again, I enjoy the process of pin-ing all my memories down to journal book.

Page 1 & 2 ,

Page 1
Pray at a temple, Sin Si Ye Temple.

Printed the photos in contact size (3.8cm x 2.5cm).
Small notes was written down.

Page 2

Tickets , brochure collected at the Digi centre, voucher from Kinokuniya

Little map hide underneath the brochure of lady with red roses behind.



Page 3 & 4

I have my lunch at this café-restaurant, Old China Cafe that serves Southeast Asian cuisine.

Many of the architectural details of the building have remained unchanged, even the interior doors still have wooden latches. This type of pre-war (World War One/1914-1918) shophouses may not last forever.

Page 4

I hide all the brochures

The exercise make me think off how's were my days was used.
Not everyday is jam-packed with all activities.

Hope you will gather your physical evidence and lets have fun in journaling.


Tess said…
Wow LAy Hoon. That was a fabulous trip, thanks for sharing with us. I love the happy tape you use in your journaling. I have got to get me some of that. You did a great job with this journal layout. Some day your little ones will love looking through this journal and seeing what mommy did that day.
Melanie said…
Really great evidence pages! I'm curious about the origin of the pink feather? :)
The pink feather found on my desk :)
Just thought it would matched the page.
michelle ward said…
Lay Hoon - terrific pages! I love that you found ways to incorporate all the collected evidence as folded doors and secret flaps. Love that you traced your route on the map. Love your written observations and remarks. Love the contact size photos that give us a peek into your adventure. Thanks for sharing with the team!!
iHanna said…
Wow, love all these pages. The first one is now showing up, but the rest are so lovely - great outing and great layout. Thanks for shairng your adventure with us! Go crusader!
jgr said…
Lay Hoon, These pages are great!! I love all of your evidence! I think my favorite is the speech bubble "Been there, done that". I also love the bright colors and oohh the lady with roses, too. Thank you for sharing your day with us.
quinncreative said…
What a great trip, Lay Hoon! I felt I was along for the colorful ride. The combination of maps and cutouts, collage and contact-size photos was a rich and delightful discovery on its own!
Ingrid Dijkers said…
Wow! What great spreads you have done in your journal. I love how you have incorporated photos along with all the other bits you have gathered along your trip. A Pogo? I just bought one and haven't had a chance to use it yet. After seeing what you have done I REALLY look forward to experimenting with it. Thanks for sharing!.
All my best-
goudenregen said…
Such wonderful and colorful pages, real eye candy as they say.
Chok Keun said…
simple fabulous pages, love them all!
Elena and Russ said…
Great pages, there are so many elements, I just kept looking at tha pages again and again!
TJ said…
Hi Lay, I love all your little square images, it feels very graphic to me or like a comic that progresses into a story...
Best wishes from germany, tj
Jackie Wood said…
Wonderful pages filled with so many great treasures. I love how you combined all of your elements to help tell the story.
Sarah said…
Wow what great, busy, colour-packed pages! I especially love the little contact-sheet photos, and the map circling where you went
Parabolic Muse said…
I just love all these pieces of evidence, Lay! It is fun to pick up brochures and cards, and I have stacks of them, but have not used them enough. These pages show color and variety and make us think about specific places and how much you enjoyed.

Thank you for sharing!

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