More to challenge GPP Crusade 40


Further explore the extend to go about for the challenge from Michelle about Step on The Scale.
Make this L,S,XS & Inchies size for the mazy frame.

The original size that I worked on

The collage I make for the 'S' size.
Fun with these ..which it was easy to carry.



Size XS ~ The handy 'dream' list

The inchies size can be easy to work with ....
Little inchies vintage images for 'ME & MYSELF'


steph said…
These are so cute Lay Hoon...Have a nice week!
Tess said…
These are all lovely. The inchie one is so cute, and tiny... Thanks for sharing your creations and your creative slef with us here in blogland.
Michelle said…
These books are great! What a range of sizes you have covered! Love them!
michelle ward said…
OMG - how clever of you to take a photo labeling each size of these fabulous booklets. They are very special. Thanks for sharing with the team Lay Hoon! I've never seen this style of book - very cool!!!
jgr said…
These are adorable! You have been busy this month Lay Hoon! Thank you for showing us.
iHanna said…
Wow, how fun to see them all together like this and then some of the individuall pages, thanks for sharing with the GPP team! I like the journal form too, with all the fold outs, cool!
scj said…
These are absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.
Linda said…
Well, these are incredible!! I AM inspired!
fabricfan said…
I haven't worked with inchies. Your work is very inspiring.
Regina said…
Really like the way you put colors together. These are cheerful.

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