Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crusade 40 : Step on the Scale

Last Saturday morning, the sky was so bright and sunny.

I was experienced my second hand-dye section ~ Paper Dyeing in garden.

I dyed on XL size of paper, i.e. 458 x 610mm, instead the A4 size 197 x 295mm, about triple size bigger.


Also dye for some thread

Finished product for dye process...


michelle ward said...

Wow! That is paper? Looks like fabric hanging on the line. Bravo for going XL!! Great to have a sunny day to be able to complete the drying outside. Thanks for sharing with the team Lay Hoon.

Did you do a blog makeover? Looks like things are rearranged, and a new banner too. Looking good!

Tess said...

Greetings Lay Hoon, I love these pics. They look like towels hanging out to dry after a summer swim. I love the color choice you used for your papers and threads. very pretty. What did you use to dye the paper with?

iHanna said...

Beautiful summerish pictures. What will you make with them? :-)

jgr said...

Lovely papers and what a pretty place to hang them out for drying. I know you'll have a blast making something with them. Yes, your blog looks very nice, too.

TJ said...

Oooh dyed paper. It looks all cracked and beautiful. What a great idea for sunny weather! Happy creations from tj in germany

Michelle said...

Well done! Those papers look amazing. I can think of lots of uses for them!

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Beautiful !! Have to say, that second photo is amazing too, the sun shining through, filtered by the leaves, gives a wonderful effect to your paper ;-)

goudenregen said...

Love your photo's of your work. The paper looks amazing. What kind of paint did you use? Helen

Regina said...

So pretty!

Gaia said...

Hello Lay,

yes the papers are nice : with what did you dye them ? Is it easy to dye such big papers or do you use a larger tray ?

I was going to ask you what you are going to do with these papers, but I strolled through some posts of your blog and I know ! BOOKS !!

I see you are in bookbinding too : me too, I followed three years of bookbinding classes and I love to make books from scratch.
I also like the pictures you made of the books : I love to see how the spine is sewed.
The little book you made for your children is a treasure too.

The art-tents were gorgeous too : I wish I had such a blank tent to create something on with the children of my class :)

thanks for sharing your "large" papers !
greetings from Belgium

Anonymous said...

Oh Lay Hoon - the papers look so beautiful out in the garden. Don't you wish you could leave them there and just enjoy them?