Festive December

In conjunction to the Christmas day, 2 days more and the theme for Creative Tuesdays is "Festive / Festival ".

The lyrics of
" Santa Claus is coming to town "

Not too sure is due to in highly & heavily usage in this 2 years or mistake in handling ~ my digital camera Panasonic DMC-TZ3, it seem is half dead.

Ho ho ho ...Merry Christmas to all of you !!


Tess said…
Oh my dear sweet gal, this is awesome. You have captured the spirit of Santa so wonderfully here. I love all of the intense color and the Christmas stockings are super cute. Well done!
Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year my friend...
...mmm... said…
Well this is very good, Lay Hoon. thank you for contributing and adding my icon. I have noted that for the drawing and will add you to the sidebar tonight so be sure to check on that. Thanks again, Lay Hoon.

BTw, you may not realise this but my mother actaully spent about 5 years in Malaysia as a id, then again in her early 20's then again in her 30's. One of my sisters was born in Kuala Lumpar where I lived for close to 4 years and my older sister was born in neighbouring Singapore. In fact, i spoke Malay before English but all I remember now are things like Susu and Salamat Tingle and so on! So, it is with findness I ma glad to have your contribution. Next time do try to add the theme title as well, btw. As it is, you are very talented indeed!

Could you also include a picture with it straight on for the whole piece? Would love to see that too.

Do be sure to check in on 29th to see my piece and everyone else's. I hope you will do the next theme as well. Happy Christmas.
LadyCat said…
Lay Hoon,
I found your blog through Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesdays. I love your work! The colors are so vivid and I like the way you use so many different textures. Beautiful!
absolutely wonderful pages Lay Hoon, Love every detail!
Wishing you and yours a very
Merry Christmas!
Christine said…
Wow, what a creative, layered/textured piece. It's beautiful.
Lay Hoon I found your at mmm's. A wonderful creative piece. I like this idea. May next time we won't have the hustle of Christmas. I didn't have much time to leave my gift preparations.
Chok Keun said…
These are absolutely gorgeous! And I heart these pages a lot...
lissa said…
I like the handmade feel to this and what great details also
Bachelor said…
Very Creative and Colorful! Great job! The Bach

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