Fabric Journal Cover

Yay...look at the scary picture (no editing).
My camera, which is half-dead seems not so to the sunlight.

The following pictures was taken inside the room.
Last 2 days, I was sewed some fabrics by using mine M-I-L's sewing machine.
Since 13 years ago, I never touch on the sewing machine until today.

I was inspired by Natima on her sewing skills on the cover of her journal.
So , I also want to make one for myself :)

Besides, I also learned to bake my own red love button yesterday.
What a great experience !!


Tess said…
Oh my sweet dearm this is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors and the big yellow flower. You made the red heart button? How cool is that! Great job on this.
steph said…
good job Lay Hoon!! Very nice....
Laura Kay said…
What a cool cover!! Love all of the textures!!!
ooo the first photo is very interesting looking

the other photos show your wonderful creation beautifully Lay Hoon! You are an artist with many talents!

Happy New Year to you!!!
I look forward to more art and sharing here in blogland in 2010!
deb said…
The journal is very beautiful, and just the perfect amount of tattered! I love it! Happy New Year, I am looking forward to creating a flag book using my tags that you sent me!!

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