Wednesday, August 5, 2009

True North Arts Vision Journaling Workshop - Week 1

It's already come to 3rd week of the workshop.
Ya. I know I'm so much behind in this workshop.

However, I love to read and re-read the prompts.
Find the images that really speak to me.

In the first week, Kathryn tolds us about ......
Relaxation helps to open our awareness so we can see what we truly want and to open ourselves to attracting positive things in our lives. The journal exercise is to create a visual representation of your happy place and the vision cards are affirmations and reminders of this week's message, "I can relax and let go."

Few weeks back, I faced hectic stress in my workplace.
This prompt came on time and really help me to release tensi0n.

"I'm in the place where I supposed to be. "


Linda said...

Your pages are lovely Lay Hoon and I really like the phrase at the end of your post. My yoga teacher says something similar at the end of each session.

Mar said...

i can about feel "that' place looking through the images on your page
you must be getting the message and getting it across...
lovely page!