True North Art Visioning Workshop ~ 3

On the week 3, we are given those keys to use. There open up the doors of your dreams. What do you want to unlock ?

Areas that can be consider include work and career, finances, relationships, health, home, creativity.

In another workshop that I attended , "Capture your dream", what fascinates me in one of the exercise. Grab a pen and paper and start writing every dream that pops into your mind. Anything you aspire to do. Any goal you want to accomplish.


Anne said…
Hi, Lay Hoon! I am so enjoying seeing your pages and creations that are growing out of your class with Kathryn. It is so much fun to visualize our future, dreams, and goals and help bring them forth! :-)
Jaqi said…
Oh Lay Hoon what a fabulous idea. I bet this is so much fun to create, it sounds wonderful.
Thank you so much for the things you sent for me through the post , they were lovely and what a wonderful surprise, the postman has just been.
Thank you again , I always enjoy visiting your blog, Jaqi xx
Linda said…
What brilliant, inspiring work Lay Hoon. I shall start my list.....

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