Saturday, December 31, 2016

The 5 mistakes I want to stop making in 2017

I made many mistakes in 2016 and reviewed some of them in Moleskine. I will avoided these mistakes in 2017 (Read Inspiration post).

3 portion for 4
My family comprises of 2 adults and 2 children.
When eating outside, we used to order each one of us a portion of meal. 
However, most of the time we were not really enjoy the food, not because there were unappetizing. But because it was too much for a family like us, small eater. 

Credit card 

Not to feel guilty to own many cards. There are served for different purposes. One to get cash rebate, the other one to enjoy discounts and points accumulation. 
Starts in 2017, be a wiser spender .

Online shopping  

Many opined that online shopping is an evil things. 
But I think I can do online shopping in fun way. 
And there are many online providers. Many promotions bundled with the seasons. Do the  price comparison and you will get a good bargain. In the process, you will have more time to cool down and think if you really need the stuff.   

Be calculative (about the quality). 

I have experienced in purchase of clothing. 
Buy 5 pieces with 'n' price and buy 1 piece of 'n' price. 
Ends up, the 5 pieces are kept in the wardrobe because I feel not comfort in wearing them. 
Quality is the matter. 

We talked about passion all the time. But without 'action', there are just a piece of dream of passion. 

Like instead of saying, “I’m passionate about traveling” I should replace that with “Today I’m going to plan a trip. I need $2,000 for the trip and I gonna to save $167 per month”

'Act' now! Do something. 

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