Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Life changing by de-cluttering

Clutter = Negative Energy

Clutter is low, stagnant, and confusing energy that constantly drains energy from you. In Feng Shui, the clutter in your home can block the 'qi' or energy flow which cause negative influence to many area of your life.

Clutter represents the irresolute and also the inability to move forward.

De-cluttering using KonMari ways

Have you heard of KonMari Method ? 

The concept of KonMari Method is created by the Japanese writer of The Life Changing Magic of TidyingThe essence in the KonMari Method described an effective way to banish clutter by defining which tangible that continues to "sparks joy" ~ keep those; The things that no longer needed  ~ discard it. Just that simple.  

oops..my messy workplace

For me, clutter accumulates over the time. Throughout the years of accumulation of paper ephemera that I thought I may used it for my art journal and collage works. Thus, I tends to collect and pile up all sort of paper material from magazine, brochures, leaflet, newspaper..whatever you can named it.

things scattered 

Think about that for a while. 

What do you accumulate, where do you put it, and why do you keep it ?

Starting with the new year 2016, 

Image credit to Dr Northrup.com

My plan for de-cluttering, lighten up my shoulder. 

"I want to live like Goddess, 
surrounded by peace and beauty. "

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