Thursday, October 29, 2015

Journal system

After few years of exploring in various type of art journaling, I've manage to develop some journaling techniques to my busy daily live (career + study + family). I've create my own version of journal system, that help me to keep sake my monkey thoughts when the time I'm busy with other task. Over the time, I learned that at one time I can only focus in completing one task before the others. Due to this, I recognized the need of having a good system that can steer and direct me to my plan and also not forgetting my goal. 

Those pictures shows the journal books that cater different needs in 2015.

(Top Left - Evernote Moleskine ; Top Right - Muji Monthly Schedule)
(Bottom Left - Camel small notebook ; Bottom Right two are Plain Journal from Inspira)

I keep a monthly planner and to-do-list (bucket list), in writing... Okay, you may laughed at me at these :)   I'm from old school, still loves to pen them down on the piece of paper even there are many high-tech apps out there.  

Monthly Planner (to keep a small goal and doing something small everyday) Muji Monthly Schedule

- for my free time doodling, fruit label sticker, colors etc.
- as a financial monitoring. Expenses tracking (on the monthly utility, credit card payment, car installation)
- as a health log tracking. For instance to keep track the menses timing, exercising / stretching
- as a leave / holiday planning. important for me to put in activities.
- as a reminder (even a countdown) for a special events / occasions / assignment due date / examination date
- to record breakthrough out of the norm activities. For instance, I have 2 and half hours in every Friday, so instead of lunch at the familiar stalls. I do it bit different by having my lunch in different restaurant / stalls.

List Journal (where I 'park' all those monkey thoughts)
-  Handy and compact To-do-list / To-Experience-List that I feel something fun to explore. For e.g. baking / cooking
-  Values of life that I want to bring in (such as decluttering, give back to society)
-  Commitment that I promises for the family
-  Books to read
-  Blogging ideas
-  Lesson learnt (observed that I tends to do one thing (repeatedly) that bring me unpleasant feeling)

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iHanna said...

Love looking into your journals and what you use them for. Such pretty pages, thanks for sharing some of them!