shhh...everything will come at perfect time

I am so much admired at those who can write well, in structure ways..
I wish I have that power and express my feeling & thoughts, in words :)

I love to try ...

Here, I come .. 

At one time, I attempt to fill up my 'plate' with all sort of activities ~ from things that I want to learn, art, MBA, design activities for children etc. to routine house chores.
Then, I realised that it was impossible with the limited time a day that I can craft out from my full time job. No doubt that I have to spend more times on the roads (include traffic jam).
Thus, I was exhausted and feel so miserable in these few months.
However, seem I still not really sort this complicated things out…but the important points that I would like reminder to self is

"Everything you need..will come to you at perfect time" 

Be patient & go gently