moleskine in June

I have used up more than half of the journal for 6 months of journaling. 

Feeling grateful for each and every challenges came to me today.
I love what Orly Avineri's Journal Spread 244 : Private Name mentioned that  I don’t belong to anyone. Not to my father, not to my mother, nor to you. The children do not belong to me no matter how much I long for them, for you. My art, my words, my thoughts, my emotions, my body, my memory, they belong to me, not to you.

Treat our children as another entity or individual 
and don't limit them with our own frame of thoughts and experience. 


Apple said…
These are some great journal pages! I love how they are so open and sketchy! :)
Gaby Bee said…
Gorgeous pages. I just love all the sketches and details.

Gaby xo