Friday, September 6, 2013

Asian Food that inspired

Hakka Lei Cha (looked like salad) served with green herbs soup
eating this dish like exercising your face muscle ...lots of chewing

Lemongrass Chicken + Acar + coloured-rice

Put the raw fish into Hot Porriage ~ the fish is cooked then

Chu Cheong Fun / rice noodle roll, special sauce (sweet & hot), sesame 

Malaysia ~ Roti Tampal (Roti Canai + Egg)

5 colour porridge

Japanese ~ Saba Bento

Wantan Mee

Popiah / Fresh Spring Roll, filled with shredded vege, tofu..

Curry in Hakka Styled ~ fish / meat ball

Macau styled Pork Mee

Black Soy Sauce Mee

Ikan Bakar (Spicy Baked Fish in Aluminium Foil)

Tempeh + Bitter Gourd

Nasi Kelabu (Herbed Rice in Kelantan styled) ~ Raw Vege, Dried Coconut, Flower-dye-Rice, Salted Egg, Budu Sauce  + Potato

Korea ~ Kimchi Soup

Nyonya Fried Rice

Char Kueh Teow

Pan Mee , with egg, mee, anchovies, meat

Nyonya Laksa ~ cooked with coconut milk
Steamed Fish in Taiwan Styled
Showing some photos of my day-to-day food available in Malaysia.
Just realised that they are colourful and beautiful arranged to increase the taste bud of people.
So tempting.. 


Raylee said...

i want to try all of them,
what is the dark vegetable in 5 colour porridge?

Loes van Voorthuijsen said...

Mouth watering!! I need a smell app on my computer.

Lay Hoon said...

Raylee, the dark vege is the seaweed.

Raylee said...

of course, i can see it now.
thanks for your comment on the wedding roses!