Moleskine 2013 : Part 1

My FIRST year with Moleskine.
I'm collecting my thoughts in this little black legendary notebook (journal).
Start by putting in my favorite picture, doodling, quotes ...and adding more and more
Feel the fun and abundance when I open my journal..
I'm kinda like feeding a little skinny creature with lots and tons of delicious and yummy food until it become fat monster.


Little Syam said…
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Little Syam said…
It's been awhile since my last stalk to your space here. I hope you are doing fine..I admire your courage developing and creating art journal.. So many positive energy here:)

Do take care//syam
CK Chai said…
lovely journal pages as usual!
Siti Asiah said…
semua jnis notebook ke boleh buat jurnal?sy teringin nk buat mcm ni...;)

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