Thursday, November 17, 2011

mini book October 2011

My computer was so so so slow as it was overloaded with hundred tons of pictures 
cumulative throughout the years. 
It's was time to do spring cleaning on the harddisk. 
At least now, I can retrieve my mini book photos and uploaded it. 

十月 means month number ten, October 




This month ,  
I keep my long hair since my first deliver of my daughter in year 2005
It was kept to waist length for 5 years 
But one day, just happens this month, feeling bored with the hair style 
visited saloon and reduce it to shoulder length....
But still not satisfied,    
2 weeks later , cut and trims again. 

I feel myself 'lighter' after this cut :)


HaPPy  OCtobEr and Going to NoVemBer now !!!

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