i love drawers !!!

Vintage Hardware Store Bins and Shelving Cabinet / Oak

Vintage Printed Wood Cheese Boxes

Plywood Shelving Cabinet / Pine

Chinese Herbs Shelves found in Cheng Ho museum, Malacca.  

The Chinese scripts are the herbs name.

Found these vintage old medicine shelves in Malaqa House , one of the Antique shop of Jonker Street.

I'm looking for one of this , wish me luck to get a affordable one.


And the gorgeous Display Shelves in a Boutique Hotel, Malacca.

The shelves should be belongs to a rich Baba Nyonya family. 



Gaby Bee said…
I too like drawers! These are absolutely stunning, love especially the top ones!
Gloria said…
Beautiful shelves, love them all. Thanks for sharing. I bet they would be so expensive. Take care.
missy k said…
Good luck with your search for a bargain.

What brilliant storage. I love them all :)

Nicole Austin said…
oh, me too! i would love to have on of those in my studio! :)
Seth said…
Wow! Love those first two especially.
Chok Keun said…
I love drawers too, esp those of the old chinese medical hall design, lol! So my fren, did u managed to get any drawers from the jonkers street?

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