Tempting in Washi Tape

I scheduled this post before the trip...

Yes...I'm now at Seoul, Korea.


Make some cards for the swap

Read about the swap here.


Will look for more washi tape at Korea.
Hope can find more and more ....


There are just lovely ^^


Gaby Bee said…
Have fun! Hope you will find enough new washi tape:)
ainelivia said…
Enjoy your trip. Really like your cards here, so simple, so lovely.
Coleen said…
Lay, what a lovely blog you have here. Thanks for visiting my blog back in April. Fun to see the things you do with the Washi tape. We don't have that here, but I'll bet I could do the same thing with ribbon.

Coleen in Ukraine
Parabolic Muse said…
I hope you are having a lovely trip. I just started getting into washi tape, and I have my first order in! Can't wait to get it!

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