The therapy of magazine cutting

I collected articles about Travels when I was in school ~ I still love traveling

I collected articles & pasted them in my diary when I started work ~ I need motivational/encouragement

And now, I collect images (ephemera) for journal play ~ I need retreat section


1) Find inspiration throughout the process
2) Calm my mind & nourish my soul (sometimes hurt my back)
3) To save more room ( messy art room)
4) Revived those pretty images under the huge stacks.
5) Saving those images for journal, the images speak to me.





TherapyTribe said…

This is a very good and very important post. Therapy helps to keep mind and soul nourish.

Hearthandmade said…
I never thought of it as therapeutic but I suppose it is! I love to organise my cuttings in different envelopes too! What type do you want to swap? I bought a postcard to send you from Dublin ireland! I could send with paper and leave it blank if you prefer? x
Julia said…
Hi Lay Hoon.
Thank you for your lovely words on my blog...Now I have found yours!...and it is so beautiful and you have very intersting images...
I would love to do a swap from Australia...What would you like?...How many peices, so that we are dojng the right thing for each other?
You described cutting magazines so perfectly Lay Hoon
YES, it is all those things!
jgr said…
Lay Hoon,
Your magazine pages are great! I am totally impressed by your security envelope grids, that is so original and the patterns are very cool!
Linda said…
Great post! I also chop up my magazines....I will send you an email :-)
Anne said…
Hi, Lay Hoon! I love cutting up old magazines for collage images, too. My stack has been piling up lately ... maybe I can find some time soon! Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

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