The Magic Trees

In response to the Quote Graffiti prompt 1 ~

"A painter told me that nobody could draw a tree without in some way becoming a tree."

Ralph Waldo Emerson, "History," Essays

I used sequins and glitter to make the magic tree !
I spread a layer of modelling/polystyrene Glue, arrange the sequins then the glitter.

About Quote Graffiti :
Every other Wednesday, a quote will be posted.
Use the quote as inspiration to create a work around or incorporate the quote itself into your work.

Edited 30/11/09, found Create Tuesday in world of blogging, the theme for this week is "TREE" sounds .....So the theme is to draw, paint, or create a tree or trees with your own ideas. The image of the same tree above does not do justice to the idea but I think you get the point.


I LOVE this work! It looks like it was enourmous fun to create.
ellie said…
ahhhh, this is absolutely magnificent! what a gorgeous gorgeous work of's just beautiful!!!!
Anne said…
Hi, Lay Hoon! I love your magical sparkly glitter and sequin tree! How beautiful! :-)
Tess said…
Oh Lay Hoon, This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the quote and what you did with it is fabulous. A sequinwd, glittered magical tree. What a perfect combination. I love it.
Your pages are so beautiful Lay Hoon and your tree looks splendid!!!
Linda said…
I've been catching up on your blog today Lay Hoon, you've been creating some wonderful things! I love these journal pages.

I used to do Mind Maps with my pupils when I was teaching and have read Tony Buzan's books.....brilliant stuff!
Linda x
lissa said…
how gorgeous! love the use of different materials and textures, and I like your use of colors - bright but not too bright, the more I look at it, the more it grows on me

and I love the Emerson quote
Kay said…
wow!!! this is beautiful!!! and it looks like you had a great time creating it...xx
Linda L. said…
Stunning and fascinating! Found this peeking at your tips tag to left and clicked our of curiosity and so glad I did.