Thursday, April 30, 2009

Map Collage for Travel Journal

I had used MAP to do the cover of my new travel journal.

Piece and pieces of collage image added to the cover.

This is my third entry to prompt ~ Personal Map Making @ True North Arts

Played with stamps and enjoy cut & paste.

My others 2 entry to True North Arts are
i) Personal Map
ii) Character Map

Just wanna to share some of my Map Postcard collection here for reference in the Personal Map Making in True North Arts


ROSIDAH said...

Beautiful artwork to capture your travel journeys! Have a great day :).

Linda said...

Great idea for a travel journal - I like it! And what a collection of postcard maps you have.
My back is a little better today. Thank you for your kind words Lay Hoon.
Linda x

Arlene / Spirit Essence Art said...

Wow! You are so productive and I love your artistic creations! How do you do it? I really admire everything you do!

Gil Jussara said...

I loved your maps! thanks for your visit! I am glad you liked my art journal
soul hugs!!!!!