Sunday, May 16, 2010

* Sun * day ~ Kinda a art

WTJ Collect Stickers from Fruit and Paper Chain
Such beautiful and overwhelmed !!!
I'm starting collecting it now :)
(Fruits Labels by Eklektick)

Stewed Fruit and Custard Crumble
Yummy stewed fruit and custard crumble.

Fruit Pizza - June 2008
You may refer the recipe here.

Fruit is Funky 2
love these yummy colours ~ fruit rock / rock candy

Pacific Maid Lemons - Fruit Crate Art - Ventura Pacfic Co.
Vintage label

fruits and blossoms
"Fruits and Their Blossoms"

9784529046046 many cute fruits and vegetables book
Don't bite me !!
I was made of felt.

My friend gave me this ~ Pear !!




Belinda said...

fun sticker pages, i think i should collect them next time as well :)

Nicole Austin said...

FUN! wonderful and inspirational! :) i love fruit!!! :)