Thursday, May 20, 2010

Art Talk : Character Design & Illustration

KL Design Week represents the largest annual design festival held in Malaysia. With the theme '20/10', the festival lines up 20 events that are held concurrently at 10 different locations throughout Kuala Lumpur.

The NOVA ~ Exploring The New Media is held in Galeri Petronas, KLCC from 1 May - Jun'2010

Haroshi Exhibition : Three dimensional works from used and recycled skateboards that has been cut into mosaic tiles, dots and pixels.
Devilrobot Toys : 100 pieces of vinyl toys created by an internationally acclaimed 5 designer team from Japan.
Digitisation Exhibition : Showcase of digital artworks by Malayia's young emerging artists on the possibilities offered by New Media.
The Windcatcher : an interactive art installation by Super Nature Design comprising Billy Wen Hao, Cheng Lin Yew and Yeoh Guan Hong who are based in Shanghai, China.

There are some art-talk will be held in Galeri Petronas.

The one I attended last Sunday was on Building a Profession by Doodling.

A jovial talk by four young & passionate designers about how they transform their childhood pastimes such as cartoons, comics and doodling to their main design profession.




Shared by : Action Tintoy

Najip Artech ~ He shared with us on his childhood


The world is yours !!

Shared by : Soefara Jafney

In every character design, she will do
(i) Character psychoanalysis
(ii) Imagine
(iii) Investigate
(iv) Write a brief
(v) Practice, practice, practice.




More Public Programmes will be held in Galeri Petronas

Art Talk : Character Design & Illustration - 16 May 2010 (2.30pm - 4.30pm)
1) Dialogues : Digital Art & Illustration - 22 May 2010 (3pm - 5.30pm)
2) Dialogues : Design & Art Publication - 29 May 2010 (3pm - 4pm)
3) Dialogues : Twisted Mind of 1000 Tentacles - 29 May 2010 (4pm - 5.30pm)

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