Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A review in June 2019 so far

1) Start anew in career life. I do find joy in my own profession, enjoy the process of giving solution and presented the solution in 'creative' way. Besides, I also expanding my circle of friends

2) Affinity in Chinese Metaphysics - Feng Shui or called as Qi Energy, as one of the branch ancient knowledge in Yi Ching. I signed up a Feng Shui course with Joey Yap last year, and I find out that his teaching of this ancient art really an eye opener for me. 

3) Solo trip in coming end of June. One thing in life made me happy, is travel. Instead of waiting or procrastinate, I decided to kick off the first one in 2018, went to Romania with a group of enthusiastic backpacker. to The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

4) Be more with less. Sometimes, we hold onto things that no longer serve us. I do learn that let go of stuff, clothes, books (still have resistance). Practice buy less and not buying. 

5) Continuous learning, find encourage in life. 

6) Continue my passion in art journaling. 

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