Saturday, February 9, 2013

Masking tape book

This is the coolest book i ever had.
 It is not bind, appeared to be what you seen in the photo.
This book is made by Ayumi Horiuchi with another 2 women.
So much great effort and time spend to produce this awesome book and you will feel the same if you have the opportunity to flip on this (handmade) book. 

The divider is made of washi paper, 
feeling the texture of washi paper before it applied with adhesives !! 

This book introduced the hows MT tapes came about, 
fews pages talked about Kurashiki (the placed Kamoi Kakoshi is located), 
ways to used MT tape, interviewing etc. 

The coolest part of this book is ... sample pages of the MT tape, 
Yes, it is the real MT tape adhere here. 


I'm more than happy to show you my evidence journal. 
Because, I'm adding 5 more rolls of washing tape early of this year ... 
We are celebrating Chinese New Year this 15 days ! 
For those who are celebrating or those who are not ...
My family & I wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous New $nake Year ! 

* I'm still cracking my head for the going-to-be-due assignments in MBA. Sorry, no holiday for me *