Saturday, May 29, 2010


There are 4 hands that I traced in this page.
Hands of my family.

Like a piece of rope;
it takes on meaning only in connection with the things it holds together.



I give myself creative weekly assignment.
Being creative everyday.
No matter how busy I am, I'll squeeze a little time for art journaling.



Beth Niquette said...

What an extraordinary piece of art. Beautifully done.

artymess said...

This so beautiful LayHoon....and means so much too ....fantastic...x

Tess said...

What a wonderful idea. So vibrant and colorful. This will page will surely always have a special meaning to you and your family. You should do this again on canvas and frame it for your wall. It would be such a lovely piece of artwork and a real conversation piece too. Don't forget to include the kids ages.

Margaret said...

Lay Hoon, thank you for your lovely comment. What a wonderful find your blog is, I can't work out what i want to look at first, it's all so beautiful! Margaret

Linda said...

I love this! Beautiful! Thank you for commenting...

Laura Kay said...

Oh your piece turned out so beautiful! I will have to try this with my family!!