Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mandalas, from black to colour

feeling bore with just black ink pen 
eager to fill the circle with colour pen

It's doesn't matter if there were upside down. 
 hope you don't mind. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Inspiration 《文具手帖》

So tempting with the series magazine from Taiwan. 
Stationery & Journal 《文具手帖》is one of it. Love the Season 7 which highlights the postcard collection. I am a huge fan of postcard and stamp, a postcrosser since 2009. 

I am not the only one who will send a postcard to our own self during the trip :)
It is so good to know that there are others who did the same.

This season's topic reported more about the influence of TN in Taiwan,
I have observed that the Traveller's Notebook (TN) has become a trend
among the youngster of Malaysia. I fancy with Moleskine notebook since 3 years back.
   However, all of those journal are very pricey at local (Due to import tax, currency conversion & shipping cost). 

Taiwanese ~ Round-robin journal book.