(Makes Me Happy) : Memory to the smell

My favorite for the month

  • Colorful pouch that I bought from Cambodia. It elevates my mood whenever I carry it along. 

  • 'Take Control' Aroma Spot Roller Bunch that designed by Sabai-arom, a brand from Thailand. The Petit Trio on-the-go is designed to foster your guts to believe in your own possibilities and inspire you to stay connected at any states. 

Essential oil helps to generate feeling. I learned about the blending of different oils enhance the emotion and thus increased boost of relaxation.  

Memory to the smell is another type of reminiscence therapy, it's silently recall of events in a people's life. I especially fond to smell of the Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Sandalwood.

I bought the set which contain of 3 roller-typed of Sabai-Arom's blend oil which brings the feeling of PEACE, FOCUS and CONFIDENCE

when you are seeking for a peace of mind , wish to find the solution, or you are
doubting your own potentiality.

The essential oil not only exert antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects but also create a message to our inner self that to believe what we wish for will come trues. For examples, the Eucalyptus oil able to support deep emotional issues, so the smell of the oil reminded us to calm insecurities and thus offer encouragement to face the issues. No wonder I'm feeling so much calm into the familiar 'smell',