do you ever ask yourself ...What if ?

my motto for the year 2016 is : What-if

" What-if I do it this way "

Do one thing that makes you feel alive. Thinking beyond straight line. What-if I change the other way of doing things. Take a new route. I have to change some routine of doing things.

Discovering new way of making things. Sometimes we can simplify things. Do something you've never done before.

Change perspective, your emotion can set the tone for the day, those feeling can change anything.

Spark your imagination & inspire creativity. Spice up your normal life with a bit of sprinkles.

What if ....You could redo one moment of your life ? What would it be ?

What if ....You were President ? What is the first thing you would do and why ?

What if ... You had access to a time machine ? Where would you go ?

What if ... You won a one way ticket around the world. Where would you go ?