2016 Planner : Cosmic Synergy

My addition for year 2016, a Cosmic Synergy planner, or “thinking journal cum planner” that have fun activities all year round. There have 4 series of planner, named as Cosmic Synergy, Celestial Inspiration, Petal Psyche and Cogzinant Creativity.

The journal contains Monthly and daily calendar columns, Creative Corner for your personal expressions, wholesome food recipes every month and easy stretching exercise. 

There is a Mandala sketches in every month. 

and Mandala for January is Unleashing your creativity. 

Monthly table craft-calendar 

Healthy Booster recipe for January

Cosmic Synergy is defined as " Fate coming to fruition. The energy of the world falling into place as it should. The knowledge of the greater workings of the universe. Feeling at peace with wherever your life goes. Going with the flow. Knowing the fate of the world is out of your hands and all will be as it should in the end." (Urban Dictionary)

So much fun to kick start a new year.