Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Travelogue ~ Japan 2014

As an art journaler , we are tends to keep all the evidence with us no matter the ephemera as small like a piece of receipt, food packaging even a fallen leaves. 

 For me, a trip to overseas is a luxurious things to do.
I grasped each of the moment in every trip that I have made. 

either in a page , Bangkok (2012)
in a travelogue , Hong Kong (2013) , Korea (2011) and here , Silk Road (2009) .
 And of course not to forget the photo to take along each changing scene.

I use Muji notebook to record for the trip just because I like the beige colour cover and the pages. 

Incorporate the collage images from Artstronauts. 

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Siti Asiah said...

sonoknye bleh wat jurnal...;)