Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Four { 4 }

Four is the second square number, the second centered triangular number.

(Thank you to Seth for send me the numbers)

In Hinduism:
The four cardinal Virtues: 1. Non-violence, 2. Truth, 3.Purity, 4.Self-control

In Buddhism:
The Group of Fours 1. The Four Noble Truths 1. Suffering 2. The Cause of Suffering 3. The Cessation of Suffering 4. The Way Leading to the Cessation of Suffering

The Fourfold Right Effort: 1. Effort to restrain from evil 2. Effort to abandon evil 3. Effort to develop good 4. Effort to maintain good


Anonymous said...

I loove your posts - I find your art very inspirational :D <3

Seth said...

Happy that I contributed the numbers to this meaningful artwork!

Ophelia said...

I think this is amazing!!!