Sunday, March 6, 2016

(What if) Financial Freedom

Being financial freedom and travelling around the world ~ is what most people want. This is also what I want when I was at the age of 25+  :P

For me, I define financial freedom as I have sufficient cash in (passive income) without for me to work for 9 to 5 cubicle-work. Apparently, if I choose to work, the job must be something that interesting and I passionate about. I have abundant life and to live abroad (long stay) in the countries that I like. I am pursuing towards this own version of Financial Freedom.

This lovely couple, Jeremy (Go Curry Cracker) and Winnie (Winnie's Chinese blog) , uses 10 years to build up their investment portfolio and quit their jobs in their 30s. Now, they are living a nomad life, choose to travel the world at this young age (with their 10 months old son). I read their story last year, and guess what, they stopped by Kuala Lumpur in their recent Asia travel trip. I am so grateful that I can meet them in person ! Jeremy and Winnie spared time to meet up with KL fans on Mar 3.

I gained a lot insights from the meet up. Thanks Jeremy and Winnie.

(Read here) How did the the couple does that ?

In short, they saved most of their payroll (70%), maximise their investment portfolio, maintain minimalist lifestyle and no debts (means no house and no car).

Abundance is not about owning material. Abundance is a mindset.

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