Tuesday, April 1, 2014

more clues please, art journal

In recent journaling, the process of getting the page always seems a mirror of what my soul is. 
(*Looking at my own life as different entity*)

Flipped back the journal page again and again, the page seems a bit of lacking the element of ‘energy’ in that page. Shall I say, it’s just a ‘dead’ page? It keeps me to look for it, the element, to make it ‘alive’.
Tried a different approach, adding darker tone like black, dark blue, dark green and etc to the page. I’m taking the risk, a little voice… as I understand that it is not easy to handle/take down the dark tone, if it appeared not good as overall. 

But I have to be bold and here is the final final page…which I satisfy J

The process is projecting what is in my ordinary life as now. More clues please …
I am allowed to transform?? 

more art journal pages in my Artstronaut Journal


iHanna said...

Love all of these spreads Lay Hoon, so cool! Thanks for sharing them!

Shelly said...

Love these!!!