AJ Week 28

This week i'm like a busy bee
not only in art/craft part, but also in the career path ..
a little C H A N G E  will taken place

i was live in a stagnant life in previous years ...not to meant that it's bad things.
but just want to have some spark in life ...probably via this turning point 
some corner that are not so presentable
handmade books are piled up

do background painting with both kids 

may be is due to my recent work on series of birdies handmade book 
tempting in those soft colors
manage to get those Sharpie in bookstore Borders at Tropicana City Mall.

not to feel shy to sell my works 
as i really meant to experience/learn in craft market, something that i can't do in my career..


I'm grateful for the chance given by Paperie Designs's Studio in Dubai which featured me in their Fascinating Friday.

Thank you !!