Thursday, February 4, 2010

立春 Spring start ...

Today, 4 February 2010, 6.42am is beginning of season Spring. In Chinese text, 立春 (Li-chun), "Li" is the means "Start", while "Chun" means Spring. From that day until the beginning of summer period, were referred to the spring. Beginning spring of the year, starting February 4 or 5, the sun arrived in longitude 315 degrees. In ancient time "4 Li" means Spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons begin its agricultural meaning "Spring kinds , summer long, the autumn harvest.
We do have Summer for most of the months and few months of raining seasons in my country. Thus, the season spring is really not that obvious or caused any impact in our daily life.
** Or sigh ... may be I did not aware of it.
However , Spring symbolise a good start of a new year for me !
Spring, we welcome you.


Barb said...

These journal pages look fantastic! I love the brilliant Asian colours!

Thankyou for stopping by at our cre8art blog and leaving a comment Lay Hoon...we hope to see more of you there soon...vbg

Tess said...

Lovely ode to Spring. We feel like it is still winter here. Cold and calling for snow again. I love how the pages come together.
Teresa aka Tess