Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 Goal setting : What to feel ?

It's time to prepare for a NEW year. 

Coincidentally, I came across the Marie TV which features the interview section of Danielle Laporte. This coming year, I will learn a new fresh way in goal setting, i.e. to find out and identify your own core feeling.

My core desire feeling : FREEDOM

Travel makes me feel free, I am free to arrange my itinerary, utilise my time, eat only when I feel hungry, stop and rest when my body told me so. In my recent trip to Borobudur, Jogyakarta, I am surrounded by the different culture, the local people are more happy with just a simple life.
I still reminisced about the moment of finishing the final paper in my studies. The feeling of being a free spirit and it leads me to Joy and Abundance.

Everybody has a voice, be courage to what you are going to say within your heart. 


iHanna said...

I thought I'd read all links existing on goal setting, but missed this one. Thanks, I'll check it out! :-)

Happy New Year to you!

Lay Hoon Chua said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year.