101 Things in 1001 Days

(Edited on 10 Oct' 15) 

In practice, I've keep a 101 Things list since 2009. I went through the list that I kept in my small notebook, and there are still something that I would like to explore

1) Learn to use photoshop / illustrator
2) Pick up Drawing / Painting skill
3) Photography
4) De-cluttering and reduce
5) Use the neon and blackboard paint that I purchased few months back
6) Making my own zine
7) Visit Zine / MT Tape Fairs
8) continue Reading
9) Calligraphy

(Edited on 20 Oct' 09)

As I read from Kathryn's blog (Collage Diva), she had prepared a list of 101 Things in 1001 days. It's such a great idea to put up all my resolution of the years into action list.

So, this is mine.

Mission : To complete 101 present task in period of 1001 days
Start : 22 February 2009
End : 20 November 2011

1) Our honeymoon to Santorini / Mykonos
2) Backpack to Silk Road, China (DONE)
3) Creative everyday
4) Go for a walk with husband and daughters during Friday’s night time (DONE)
5) Paint the wall of my creative area (DONE - Not paint but postcards & photos)
6) Participate each week on Soul Journal (Kathryn posted on True North Art monthly, joined her 2 workshop recently)
7) Visit Sister SBS5 blog at least once a week (N/A)
8) Allocate at least 1 day for myself , be solitude a day bimonthly (I DID IT)
9) Complete my bucket list
10) Complete travel journal of Taiwan (DONE)
11) House keeping photos in my hard disk
12) Laugh out loud (YES, LOV TO DO IT)
13) Exercise at least 30 minutes a week
14) Eat something good / treat myself a good lunch or dinner (DONE)
15) Write and send Postcard (YES. Still keep this hobby alive)
16) To reply to everyone who leave comments on my blogs (YES. I Love to)
17) Get up early ~ 5.30am (YES. New habit already)
18) Practice guitar
19) at least One Sentence Journal a day
20) Go dates with husband , only 2 of us , for at least a day in a month (DONE)
21) Re-read the Secret (DONE)
22) Spend at least 15 minutes for Secret daily inspiration
23) Re-read the Simplify Your Life ~ by Elaine St James (DONE)
24) Drink at least 1.5 litre water a day (YES)
25) Gather with mom, sisters and brother bimonthly (DONE.)
26) Tidy my creative area & art stuff weekly (YES)
27) Learn in Photoshop skills
28) Taking portrait of husband and I once a month, paste on the 12 x16 LoVe Canvas that I prepared here.
29) Compile list of inspiration quote (for year 2009)
30) Participate in GPP street team once a month (YES)
31) Re-do my inspiration board (DONE)
32) Travel with mother (DONE)
33) Learn on Fork-art painting
34) Recycle, reuse and reduce (YES)
35) Help to develop reading habit with WenXin (YES)
36) Spend quality time with little princess, minimum 2 hours per working day (YES)
37) Plan family trip (local / oversea) (DONE)
38) Record their stories in babykwen blog (DONE)
39) Bring WenXin back to visit daddy’s hometown
40) Reduce meat, more veggie (YES)
41) Can’t live without musics
42) Complete my ‘felt’ cake (DONE)
43) Complete another canvas painting
44) Decorate Family Photo frame
45) Go for a picnic (DONE)
46) Make birthday & Valentine's card to DH (DONE)
47) Take some series of photograph about the things surround me (DONE. Love this)
48) Practice in drawing with pencils (DONE)
50) Reduce junk food (YES)
51) Make monthly donation (DONE)
52) Review my goal every 2 months (DONE)
53) Smell the flower
54) Learn the origami paper folding
55) Pamper myself … Facial
56) Do not use credit card for one week (YES)
57) Family tree
58) Start in sewing (DONE)
59) Taking pictures of the sky for 1 month (DONE)
60) Cutting out the articles from newspaper which speak to me (DONE)
61) Scrapbooking (DONE)
62) Live everyday like the last day of life (YES)
63) Blog at least 3 entry per week (DONE)
64) Write a love letter to myself ( thanks to Kathryn)
65) Pay visit to Art Gallery (DONE)
66) Set up our etsy / ebay
67) Tidy up my FDC & Stamps collection
68) Start my LOVE Journal with DH (DONE)
69) Smile like I always do (YES)
70) Donate old magazines (DONE)
71) Take photo of WenXin (YES)
72) Visit to Angkor Wat (DONE - in 2015)
73) Visit to ShangSuo and Longshen , China
74) Donate half month salary out in June (YES)
75) Make use the Flash Card
76) Enhance Art Skills
77) Learn on cooking (YES)
78) Zentangles (DONE)
79) Prepare Travel Art Journal Kits for travel (DONE)
80) Keep a journal / blog documenting this 101 list in 1001 days (DONE)
81) One art activities with family once a month
82) Complete the bird house
83) Scan all the postcard that I receive on the blog (DONE)
84) Make searching / studies on the postcard that I had received (DONE)
85) Participate in Vintage Paris 4x4 swap (DONE)
86) Making my own postcard
87) Pay a visit to Full house (DONE)
88) Taste various great food recommended in a magazine (in Klang Valley) (DONE)
89) Fly the kite which was bought few years ago
90) Participate in Collage images swap (DONE)
91) Make my own Vision Board (DONE)
92) Practice to be LOHAS
93) Read on religious magazines
94) Deep breath 
95) Choose some books for reading (YES, Part of habit)
96) Reminisces father (YES)
97) Prepare a birthday surprise for the loved one (DONE)
98) Send at least one birthday card out every month.
99) Live without internet a day a week 
100) Donate RM10 to charity for every incomplete task (Thanks to Kathryn)
101) Review the 101 list once a month


The Rubber Maid said…
Hi Lay, Hope all is well with you. I love the music playing here on my visit Song from a Secret Garden. So lovely. Your list is iccredible and hope you can complete all you have written, no matter how long it takes. Quite a challenge. Happy times to you, Pat
Mar said…
don't lose your list
post it someplace where you always can see it

that will make it easier to remember..and pick a point to work on

your art journal slide is nice!
Abbie said…
What a wonderful list Lay Hoon!
Can't wait to read about your progress as the time passes.
Julie Koerber said…
This is an incredible list! I have to compile my own! What a fun thing to keep you on track to enjoying every day! I also loved your inspiration board. That would make me happy seeing things I've encountered and people that I love. Might have to try that one too! Take care!
Ying Pang, said…
what a incredible list! I sure love the first one, you need to go with your DH to Santorini, you will feel the romantic there...you need energy to enjoy you list, take care!!