Angkor Kingdom, the inspiration and aspiration


Each and every temple has its own distinctive design and carried its own mystical storyboard.  



Bayon Temple " Lift up the corners of your mouth into a smile "

 The astonished temple was constructed of sandstone carried from quarry 25 miles away. The stone sculpture and wall carving projected the 3-dimensional visually artistic objects whereby mankind has lost the skill through the flow of time.
The Apsara - each one is unique. 
Try to spot all the uniqueness when you were here. 

Along the way, I got interested to get know of the story behind the wall sculptures. The inspiration and aspiration from the intelligence beings of Angkor Kingdom. The Angkor kingdom had once influenced by the religious of Hinduism and Buddhism. In summary, during Suryavarman II reign, he built the great Angkor Wat and some monuments on Phnom Kulen. The carving on the wall and monument were portrayed the priest anointing the symbol and worship of Hindu god.

Under Jayavarman VII reign, he built the great Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm and Bayon. The outer walls of the temples have startling bas-reliefs not only of warfare, but the everyday life of the Khmer army and its followers. These reliefs show the female traders selling things, the move with the animals and ox carts, hunters, man farming, women cooking, women giving birth, and celebrations of common foot soldiers. 



Emie58 said…
These pictures are amazing. They remind me of when I lived in India 30 years ago... I was there for a year after high school (I'm in the US) and I'm sorry I didn't appreciate everything I was seeing at that time.
Thanks for sharing.
Nat Palaskas said…
I was there in March last year. I enjoyed it so much. I love all the craving on the temple walls too. A also love the corridors, but it was too hot! I love love the Apsara ladies with the diffrent hairdos. How interesting! I posted on my blog too! Hugs Nat PS. will send you some postcard from around the world.