Cartoon : Lagi-Lagi Gila-Gila

Hi, I went to Petronas Gallery few days ago. The theme of the month are 'Lagi-Lagi Gila Gila'.
The Gila-gila (Crazy-crazy in English translation) comics was accompanied most of the Malaysian since its first published in 1978. The humor magazine embodies the brilliant minds of Malaysia's top cartoonists.

The exhibition display almost 90% of the original artwork. I still can see the pencil lines/ water color stain, black ink line on the watercolor paper.  
According to Jaafar Taib (cartoonist), cartoons shall be amusing through drawings and ideas on top of providing benefits to the audience. Gila-Gila cartoon revolves around personal stories and the people surrounding his life.

In case you are not aware some lifestyle of Malaysian, we (majority) are not only like to eat Nasi Lemak (fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf) but we also love instant noodles like Mamee, Maggi and Cinta  :)

One of the artwork (bottom) seem familiar for me as it was drawn on background of famous Taiping Lake Garden, the place I grown up.    

For your information
The exhibition is held in Petronas Gallery, KLCC from Apr 14 - July 15,2015.