You are allowed to be yourself


my canvas painting that I did few weeks back.

I fear that I could spoil the painting if I add more elements

but i decide to give a try .. and bear with whatever mistake i have did 

small baby steps ... and the painting is looks like....hmm


I have not done yet...

The canvas painting will continue to evolve in sometimes later

You are allowed to be yourself, 
to make mistakes, 
to start again, 
to try new things, 
to break out of your comfort zone, 
to speak your mind, 
to sing your own song, 
to relax, 
to have time to yourself outside of work, 
to be content, 
to be ambitious, 
to sleep in, 
to live life YOUR way, 
to not understand, 
to love again after loss, 
to ask questions, 
to wonder why, 
to forgive, 
to apologize, 
to stand on your own two feet, 
to depend on someone, 
to love too much, 
to cry, 
to achieve, 
to dream … you ARE allowed.