Painting #5: Mother & daughter(s)*

My another attempt on Painting ... 

Tons of acrylic paint was added in each layer.
You might want to add the colors that make you happy.
I wish you can touch on this painting 
which I get excited when feel how piece and pieces are joining up.

* Mother & Daughter(s) ~
I never plan on my page, thus this painting only able to fit one mom and one child ,since I have 2 daughter :p  


Raylee said…
this is so vibrant, yet soulful!
love to see how paintings progress.
Barbara said…
Thank you for sharing your blog, with your process, on the Sunday Morning class site. I love your work and enjoy looking at each piece in detail!
Barbara Ford from Sunday Mornings Class
Barbara said…
Correction--actually I saw your painting and your web address in the PHOTOS on the Tim's Sally classroom site--I am in the Sunday Mornings class, but I believe you are taking a different class. Still, very inspirational to see your work.
wanda miller said…
your work is STUNNING! i spied the "likeness" of mindy, yet you are making it your own. no better gift to yourself, such talent abounds here! ;)
Gaby Bee said…
So charming! Love your color choices.
I know I'm way behind on commenting...but life is hectic at the moment!

Hope all is well at your end!
Gaby xo