Moleskine : I'm Here

I love scribbles and jot down notes while reading.
I set myself a very weird resolution this year, i.e. to use up 50 pens (i mean empty the ink in the pen).
This inspiration comes from Dehyana, when I was attending her workshop and she mentioned about used up about 100+ pens a year for jotting down the ideas that goes to her..

 Back to my moleskine, after many of years of journaling (either pure in writing or art journaling) 
I feeling of like to find something about my inner self, so vibrant in this year especially.
Upon writing this post, i still try to figure out what is it ...what is bothering me ..or some clues that I probably have overlooked.

I comfort myself, "It is fine, I will keep on journaling , I show up and you ('sign') will come to me."

"I'm HERE"