Sunday, November 3, 2013

The reason(s) I like about ~ I.M Magazine

One of my favorite magazine..I.M Magazine

The reasons i being so loved with this magazine :-

(i) Indulgent ~ New restaurant in town / great cafe to hop by (especially nowadays many unique cafe house mushroom-ing around Malaysia) 
(ii) Perspire to Inspire ~ great story share by local artist, entrepreneur
(iii) Impressed ~ even I not too kinda care off, just to be comfortable. But, it's fun to know how does the new generation wore out there..
(iv) Featured blogshop ~ interview with the owner
(v) Books review
(vi) Live to learn ~ bit and piece about living in Malaysia..
(vii) The book cover and contents ~ very energetic and lively ..especially like the fonts (yes, just bored with conventional magazine ~ too neat) , colors , image (inspiring photos and illustration).  


Price ~ RM 4.90 (about an dollar plus)  

Previously i was allergic to coffee , which by drinking of a cup, will feel discomfort and the symptom like vomiting. 
After conquered myself with a cup of good coffee at Typica cafe, it's injected a new definition of coffee from that day on. Now.. omg...i'm falls in love in coffee and can't stop in craving the aromatic of coffee beans.

DIY pages and also the beautiful illustration..

Peek into the latest issue here.

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