Asian Food that inspired

Hakka Lei Cha (looked like salad) served with green herbs soup
eating this dish like exercising your face muscle ...lots of chewing

Lemongrass Chicken + Acar + coloured-rice

Put the raw fish into Hot Porriage ~ the fish is cooked then

Chu Cheong Fun / rice noodle roll, special sauce (sweet & hot), sesame 

Malaysia ~ Roti Tampal (Roti Canai + Egg)

5 colour porridge

Japanese ~ Saba Bento

Wantan Mee

Popiah / Fresh Spring Roll, filled with shredded vege, tofu..

Curry in Hakka Styled ~ fish / meat ball

Macau styled Pork Mee

Black Soy Sauce Mee

Ikan Bakar (Spicy Baked Fish in Aluminium Foil)

Tempeh + Bitter Gourd

Nasi Kelabu (Herbed Rice in Kelantan styled) ~ Raw Vege, Dried Coconut, Flower-dye-Rice, Salted Egg, Budu Sauce  + Potato

Korea ~ Kimchi Soup

Nyonya Fried Rice

Char Kueh Teow

Pan Mee , with egg, mee, anchovies, meat

Nyonya Laksa ~ cooked with coconut milk
Steamed Fish in Taiwan Styled
Showing some photos of my day-to-day food available in Malaysia.
Just realised that they are colourful and beautiful arranged to increase the taste bud of people.
So tempting..