Sunday, December 2, 2012

List Prompt #10 - Random Facts about me

Random facts about ME

I enjoy doing the list prompts which initialed by Hanna & Tammy
While listening to the music, i worked on the black page that i painted week ago.
I jot down the thought that came to me with my favorite white pen ~ Uni-ball Signo

  • I eat slow. I may the first one who started eating but most of the time i'm the one who finished the last.
  • Lack of sense of direction. I'm kinda weak in memorizing street name.
  • Stubborn in somewhere
  • Fear of public speaking. However, my current job which require me to talk alot. 
  • I love sunflower seeds and pretty fast in cracking the shells off using teeth ^ ^ 
  • I dunno swim. Dare not challenge the ocean. 
  •  I'm prefer to be alone. This reminded my time in traveled solo, watched movie my own & etc.   


Raylee said...

i can relate to the first three, it's interesting to learn a little bit about you.....thanks for sharing.

iHanna said...

Great and very personal list! I like it, and agree that time alone is time well spent! Feel free to add all of your list links to each prompt post if mine.

Happy December!