Sunday, November 4, 2012

List Prompt # 5: Washi Tape Favorites

List Prompt #5: Washi Tapes I Use All the Time

I'm playing along with Hanna & Tammy to fill up our List Prompt Journal. 
Washi Tape / MT Masking tape / Patterned Tape (so called)
is my favorite, love the texture / feel when you used them.   
I started my collection since year 2010. Since then, i'm addicted.
Probably the repeating pattern and tender color makes me crazy. 

Recently i have few inquiry from online friend Malaysia 
on where I bought washi tape at the fact that M'sia still a new market. 
Those tapes are expensive as the conversion rate 
and the higher shipping cost and not so common/popular in my country. 

My collection started from getting them thru Japan etsy store.
There are Etsy store other than Japan, like US, Korea,
Taiwan, Hong Kong also selling masking tape. 
Do some cost comparison (tapes, shipping charge if purchase with another item)
before place your order. 

For local store so far , i bought my masking tape from Japanese 
household store, ISETAN and Kinokuniya at KLCC. 


iHanna said...

Lay Hoon, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and posting your lists! So fun to see them! Patterned tape is not that commen here either in Sweden, but I see it here and there now, a fews ago I could only find it online.

Daisy Yellow said...

How fun! I am so happy that you are playing along with our fun list prompts. I see some interesting patterned tapes that are new to me. The tape with the leaves is beautiful!