Sunday, July 24, 2011

AJ Week 22 ~ Mad Artist (Crusade 53)

Yea..i'm in experiment lab ...yipes....the studio, paying close attention to the mix that will occurs when work with paint .

Michelle Ward's new prompt exciting me..Crusade No 53 : Mad Artist
this month, all the crusader spread, brush, apply and stroke the paint across the page for a miraculous combination that you couldn't repeat if you tried and give them a name! 




Peachy pink


Iridescent Peacock 


Chlorophyll  Green


michelle ward said...

Lay Hoon - love all the colors you've used, and love all the colors you've made and named! I spy some scraping too. I love how you isolated the colors mixes with your pen. I also like seeing the dabs of color on the tags. Nice work, thanks for sharing with the team!

jgr said...

chlorophyll green: What a cool name! I also love the peacock and those first red and yellow mixes. Great job-thank you for the inspiration!

TJ said...

Love your color bubbles -- they remind me of our speech bubbles!! Great idea.

I'm so surprised by that first combination. When I think of maroon and golden yellow, I think of McDonalds. But yours did not look anything like McDonalds - it's absolutely beautiful and made me see it differently!!

How do you do it Lay? You are amazing!!
Your friend in germany, tj

goudenregen said...

Great mixes and love the names:Teddy bear tan!

lena-dailyscrap said...

Lovely artwork here! Your experiments turned out very well and the colours are just sooo nice. I love that buttercup...

Mona said...

Very nice colors you mixed. Good job with the names too - I had hard time with those.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous work! Love the maroon and yellow (they are my kids school colours!) Good idea to smear them too - it gives such interesting results!

Anonymous said...

Teddy Bear Tan - now that is just a perfect new name Lay Hoon. Love seeing what you have done this Crusade.

Marlynn said...

Lay Hoon - love all the colors you have named and so love your post. I have missed coming over here to visit. I need to get back on the GreenPepper again. This looks really fun. Hugs, M

Parabolic Muse said...

Excellent! That iridescent peacock is stunning. I love the translucence.

Anonymous said...

Such free use of colour, wonderful experiments. I enjoyed my visit.