Monday, March 21, 2011

GPP Street Team : #49 - Forensic Report

Cover pg

Michelle Ward has posted a series of evidence gathering in GPP Street team.
This month, Challenge No.49, to record your characteristics, plus document your interests as they are right now.
The Forensic Report of YOU, sounds like very scientific and intrigue.

Pg 1-2

I'm so much in love with the Print-&-Use tags and images designed exclusively for GPP Street Team by Michelle (Thank you).

Self Portrait page
Pg 3-4

Current Events page

Favorite Things page
Pg 7-8

Past Evidences ( school library card, student card)
pg 9-10

More evidence (employment cards)
evidence pg11-12

evidences (favourite movie tickets)

Interest page
pg 15-16

Wishlist page
pg 17-18

and Fragrance page
pg 19

Michelle, you are rock !!
I'm so much getting fun in collecting evidence of 'ME'.

C O O L !!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That is a very cool idea! Love the layouts. Have a great week. Tammy

Unknown said...

i LOVE this folder!!

iHanna said...

Lay Hoon, you outdid yourself with this report! Love everything about it, especially the "coffee stains" and the confidential stamp on the cover - so clever of you! Love it!

Parabolic Muse said...

Lay, this color theme and the reports you've put in here bring a true forensic feel, with documents and photos that are so great! I love the report card thing and your pictures from the past. You've really done some great pages. It's a good example for what can be done with this challenge!
Thank you.

Raylee said...

wow!! your pages are like small abstracts.....very unique!

TJ said...

Wow Lay this is really fun. I love your "favorite things" page. Great idea incorporating old ID cards... that's perfect evidence of identity!!

And you look great. It's fun to see Crusader faces...
Best wishes from germany,

Michelle said...

Excellent! Fantastic book - just amazing.

michelle ward said...

Lay Hoon - I agree with all the compliments on your fabulous book of YOU. And like TJ said, fun to see your face. I love all the little details you have set forth, leaving room for adding things as you think of them. Looks like this will keep you busy for a while - how fun! Thanks for sharing with the team!

SewPaperPaint said...

Thanks so much for sharing about this. I am really intrigued by this prompt. Love the printables as well. You always push me to do more and more! Thanks for that!
Autumn Clark

daisy said...

I love your evidence book & the stamped images you've added & all the gathered bits & pieces. I love the space you have created to enable you to fill it full with details all about you. Fab!

*jean* said...

what a great book! i love how you have the tickets added...i have them all over the place...good idea with the size too...enough room to write in stuff..

Mona said...

This is fabulous! I have not saved any of these old things from my past. It is almost as if I did not exist. Maybe the fact that I emmigrated twice had something to do with it...Very inspiring!

Nicole Austin said...

so beautiful! how did you make the pages? they looked dyed with coffee or tea maybe? i love the little bits of evidence of your life. :)

jgr said...

Lay Hoon, your folder is great! I love seeing your picture, too. So much great detail and I especially like all the wonderful texture on your pages.

Anonymous said...

A Whole Folder, wow! I really liked your approach. Great work.

K J D said...


I love how you have done so many pages.... and the style in which you have done them. Inspiring!


Anonymous said...

Great book of evidence (I think you and iHanna and I think a like). Good ideas and beautiful execution!

Nathalie Nayer said...

Yummy yummy book! I love it!!!! I am dreaming of touching those pages, smelling them, opening the book again and again...

Viki Banaszak said...

I love your evidence journal! It has such a great feel to it!

Anonymous said...

Especially like the 'private and confidential' stamp at the top Lay Hoon. The whole package is great.