Project : Reuse, Recycle & Repurpose A Plain Box


Material :
Plain box ( packaging box for external hard disk)
Modge Podge ( sort of glue to adhere paper, it holds tight and dries clear)
Tissue Papers (somes are come with 3 layers, I used the 1st layer only)
Way :
(1) Tear the tissue to your desire pattern
(2) Apply a coat of Modge podge on the box.
(3) Place the tissue on the box and lightly apply a thin coat of modge podge (it also serve as protective matte). And it's form a little uneven surface on the box. (the effect that I like)
(4) Repeat and let it dry.


A Simple project for the new year.


Mod Podge Amy said…
Great idea - and I especially love the treatment on your final photo!
Chok Keun said…
such a lovely idea!
Tess said…
lovely, lovely, lovely!!
Happy New Year my friend!
Hearthandmade said…
you did such a great job with this!
Autumn said…
I saw in a magazine someone had done something similar and had the cutest stack of altered shoe/storage boxes to help organize the office. You can put the scraps of paper you love to good use with this. Great project!