Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Giveaway : Announced

Remember of my giveaway on those luscious Asian tags .

However, no worry about not winning these tags. As I will include a pack of them as an gift for the purchase of journal book.


So, here are some suggestion from my blog-friends "How you gonna do with those tags".


TJ said..."What you gonna do with those tags?" Lay? They are so beautiful. I'm so happy I just subscribed to your blog so I can see these things. Wherever did you collect them all? It's an amazing stockpile.

Heather said...How lovely!!! I think i would use them in my art journal!!

Artymess said... Wow fantastic tags I would use them on my fabric postcards .......I can imagine them now going on their journeys .

Tess said...I think they would be lovely backgrounds for ATC's...

Torill said...Thank you :0) I would love to use them in my journal and on my LO's. They are just FAB!!! Thanks for your inspiration too!!

joy said... I would use them in my moleskine journal as a focal point or background depending upon the subject matter. They are all beautiful! Thank you, Lay Hoon!

Mona said...Focal points in journals, gift tags, added to other papers to make fused paper, sewn to make journal pages. They are lovely!

Hearthandmade go crazy in my art journal... possibly as a collage/patchwork background with a paint wash. Or i could do a similar thing on canvas and draw over the wash!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said... Oh I love making collages- so I could use them on a frame or my journal, or even on a canvas! They are so colorful !

Tina said... oh what fun - pick me pick me {wink - wink} these would be great in my journal or on an old suitcase...very cool...and the journal is totally it all

Autumn said... These are the coolest! Thanks for the chance, and what a fun date to host a giveaway!

Bella said... I just found your blog and I'm mesmerized :) love to see different things. I love those tags! I also love the page with the eye and how you used the mirror. I can't wait to look further on your blog. thx for the opportunity to win these tags. They are not something I have seen before .

Nicole Austin said... these tags are lovely! i love how you've sewn them into the pouches.



Here are your random numbers: 1

Congratulation to TJ, kindly email me your address. Others than the Asian Tags, I'll include some ephemeras found in my country.


TJ said...

What lucky and wonderful morning news while I sit here sipping my coffee!!! Thank you so much for this fun giveaway. Now I will need to think about what I make with wishes from germany!

joy said...

Congratulations, TJ!!!

Gaby Bee said...

Congrats to the lucky winner!